Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Grounds for Giving a non-profit corporation?

GFG is currently an Limited Liability Company (LLC) but we are applying for Non-Profit 501c3 status.  We hope to have approval soon!

Since I’m buying coffee for charitable purposes, is my purchase tax-deductible?

Obviously, your tax advisor is the best person to consult regarding this question.  But the simple answer is:  probably not.  You, as the customer are purchasing a product.  You are getting something in exchange for the money you send us, so it is probably not eligible for a tax-deduction.  The donation is actually being made to the charity by GFG.  From our basic understanding of the tax code, if you get something in exchange for your money, it is not tax deductible;  unless purchasing our coffee is a business expense or some other valid deduction.  Obviously, we are not tax professionals, so you should consult a Tax Advisor for an official answer.

Do I have to register an account to have the profits go to charity?

Nope!  You are welcome to checkout as a “guest”.  Simply use the Charity search bar to select a charity before you checkout.  As long as you do this, the Charity will receive profits from your purchase.  If you want the profits to always go to the same Charity in the future, you may find it easier to register an account and select this as your “Favorite Charity” on the My Account page.  When you do this, your Favorite Charity will automatically be reflected during Checkout.  You are welcome to change your “Favorite Charity” at any time.  We’ve tried to make it easy, whether you want to register for an account or not!

How do you calculate “profit” on each purchase?

GFG donates all “profits” to the charity/non-profit of the customer’s choice on every purchase.  The Profit on each purchase is what remains after business costs are paid on each item, including things like cost-of-goods, overhead, shipping, etc.

How much money can I raise for my non-profit/school using your program?

It all depends on how much traffic you drive to the site.  The more exposure you give it, the more coffee you will sell, the more money you will raise.  It’s that simple!  We provide everything except the customers.  You provide those.  You’re not actually selling the coffee, it’s more like you are getting people interested in buying coffee to support you. Your members/supporters will initially buy coffee because you asked them to and they want to support you.  They will keep buying it because it’s a quality product and it’s a good value.  It’s also important to keep your supporters interested and informed.  We can provide you with advertising materials and coupons which you can email to your members/supporters once per month.  The more exposure you give GFG, the more money it will raise for you.  Don’t be afraid to be creative and try new ways to advertise it.  We are here to support you.  We do most of the work.  You just do the advertising and collect the profits!  You have to admit, sending an Email once per month is pretty easy.  That’s all it takes!

Why is the “profit” amount different for each product?

 This mostly has to do with the difference between the Retail Price we sell the product for and the Wholesale Price we paid for it.  This “margin” is different for each product, therefore the profit is slightly different.  As we increase sales volumes, we anticipate the margins will improve and the total donation from each product will increase as well.

How did you choose which brands of coffee you sell?

Three reasons:  practicality, popularity, and quality.   We are headquartered in Sacramento, CA, so it made the most sense to find the best specialty coffees available locally.  Having local suppliers allows us to be efficient in our turnaround times.  Fortunately, there is an amazing Specialty Coffee industry in Sacramento.  Several local roasters receive national awards every year. 

We sampled several of these popular brands in our area and approached each one about a partnership.  We chose to partner with the Roasters that seemed most capable to provide a consistent quality product, give us excellent pricing, and supply our future growth.  We may still add or change brands in the future depending on what makes the most sense for our customers and our partner charities.  Either way, we are committed to two things:  quality and generosity.  Our coffee suppliers must help us accomplish these goals.

Will the profit keep going to the charity I want to support?

 Yes!  100% of the profit from every purchase is donated to the charity of the customers choice.  If you keep selecting the same charity as the beneficiary, they will keep receiving future profits!

How do you choose the charities listed on your website?

Actually, we don’t choose the charities, our customers do!  We may approach various charities and schools to offer them our services, but it’s the customers that request new charities to be added to our system.  If a customer requests  a new charity to be added, 99.9% of the time we will approve their request.  The charity needs to meet basic requirements outlined in our Terms & Conditions, and NOT use the money for anything we perceive to be harmful.  Pretty simply.  If you know of a charity or school you would like us to add, just use the “Request New Charity” form on the Charities page.

How can I verify the profit was donated to my favorite charity?

We provide a detailed statement to our partner charities every month we send them a check.  We send them basic information from each order, and how much profit was donated from it.  Unfortunately, most charities would not be willing to disclose their confidential accounting information to you.  This is a privacy issue.  But we do understand our customer’s desire to ensure their charity is getting the money from their purchases.  This is one of the reasons we are applying for Non-Profit 501c3 status.  Once this is approved, we will fall under the auditing standards of the IRS.  This should give our customers the peace of mind that we are following through with donating all profits to charity.

Can you help me do a fundraising event for my school?

Sure!  We have easy ways to do fundraising events.  Actually, we highly recommend that elementary schools do a fundraising “Coffee Drive” sometime during each school year.  Selling coffee person-to-person is the best way to spread the word and raise money quickly. 

OPTION 1:  Your students  get sign-ups and pre-payment for the coffee.  Then, you can place all of the orders at once and we will ship them to the school for distribution by the students. 

OPTION 2:  We can provide a custom link for every student in your school to our website.  The student (their parents) can post this link on Facebook and email it to friends and family.  Anytime someone follows this link and purchases coffee, it will automatically be credited to your school and the specific student.  So you can have a sales contest, with prizes awarded to the top-selling student, etc.  With this model, we will ship the product directly to each customer.  Super easy for the school and the students!  We do most of the work and the school collects the profit!

Do you plan to offer more products in the future?

Yes!  We are going one step at a time.  But we do plan to offer additional products in the future.  Offering additional food or household products will allow us to raise even more money for our charity partners.  Whenever we choose to expand, the focus will always be Quality & Generosity.   We want  customers to be happy with the value they receive, and our charities to be happy with the funding they receive.  Everybody wins!

I love what you are doing!  Can I donate to GFG to help you grow?

Sure!  The next step in our expansion will be the purchase of important packing/shipping equipment.  If you want to contribute to this equipment, just send us an email.  Once we obtain Non-Profit 501c3 status with the IRS, any donations made to GFG will be tax deductible.  Let us know if you want to help!