About Coffee Taste

The taste of coffee can be very simple, or it can be very complex and delicate. Either way, taste is a personal preference. Whatever tastes good to you, that is what defines “good coffee”.  We have tried to offer a multitude of roast and flavor profiles, so there is something for everyone.  We hope you enjoy the variety we offer, and the exceptional skill of our roasting partners.

Specialty Roasters


...fanatical coffee "purists".

“A coffee’s story always begins at the origin. So that is where we start.”

Temple Coffee is fanatical about the quality of the coffee they buy and roast, which starts at the coffee farms.  Temple focuses on direct, “Farm to Cup” business practices which create long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with coffee farmers. And they consistently pay their farmers higher than Fair Trade prices.

As a result of their sustainable “Farm to Cup” approach, Temple Coffee is consistently  recognized as being at the forefront of the Specialty Coffee Industry. But the real proof of their success lies in the consistently high scores they receive for their products by the “expert” coffee tasters, and the loyal following they have in their 5 California Coffeehouses.  Temple knows what they’re doing, and they do it very well.  We are proud they have chosen to partner with us.

Here are a few of their accolades:

  • Featured articles in Sunset Magazine, Imbibe Magazine, Sacramento News and Review
  • Top 1 of 17 Coffee Roaster in the U.S. by CNN and Fortune Magazine
  • “Top 30 Coffees of 2013” – Temple Coffee 1st place, 96pt Ethiopia Yirgacheffe ECX
  • 97 points, Panama La Esmeralda Geisha Bosque Natural, December 2015
  • 95 points, Panama Finca Hartmann, July 2015
  •  96 points, Panama Don Pepe Estate Fully Washed Geisha, August 2015
  •  96 points, Panama Don Pepe Estate SOE, September 2015
  •  1st Place, Golden Bean NA for Decaffeinated Colombia Narino, September 2015
  • 95 points, Kenya Makwa AB, February 2014
  • 94 points, El Salvador Santa Elena Honey Pacamara, February 2014
  • 95 points, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe ECX Auction Lot, February 2014
  • 96 points, Panama Los Lajones Bambu Geisha, December 2013
  • Voted Best Coffee House and Best Customer Service since 2005 by SN&R
  • Guatemala Hunapu coffee scored 97 (highest ever) on Coffee Review, October 2010
  • too many to list…
Valiant Logo

Valiant Coffee®

Valiant Coffee® is roasted by a professional gourmet chef; with the precision and skill of a high-end restaurant. To say he is picky about the taste and quality of his coffee is an understatement.  Only a Chef’s palette can make coffee this good.  Our absolute favorite is the Guatemala Peaberry.  Delicious coffee is brewing at Valiant…  Bon Appetite!

philanthropy landscape logo

Our private brand of fresh-roasted Artisan Coffee

PHILANTHROPY™ is a collection of our favorite coffees, crafted by Artisan Roasters.  They have a balance of quality & value for those who want more for their money.  The quality and taste are very similar to Peets® and Starbucks®.  We think you will be pleased with the exceptional quality and taste of Philanthropy Coffee.  Enjoy!