About GFG

Greetings coffee-lover!  My name is Evan.  Grounds for Giving LLC started as a crazy idea in the middle of the night.  Two sleeping aids and 4 hours later, I still couldn’t sleep.  I lay there imagining all the good that I could do through this business model.  It finally occurred to me that maybe I am supposed to write this all down.  At 4am, when I typed the last sentence of the business plan, I could finally fall asleep.  Over the next several weeks, small pieces of the puzzle kept falling into place, and here we are!

Other coffee companies might donate 10% of their profits to a specific charity, and that’s great.  Good on them for making that commitment!  We want to go above and beyond that; way beyond.  Why not give it all away!  We want to empower everyday coffee drinkers to get more out of their coffee dollars, and do a lot of good simultaneously.  So if you like to get more for your money, you came to the right place.

We want to pour our profits into causes that matter(pun intended); things that you and I really care about.  Yes, of course, we will pay our bills first… but after that, why not write big checks to organizations who are doing great work in our communities and around the world!

We challenge you to think differently about the way you buy coffee.  Thank you for your support!  Enjoy!